Gra Ham Energy Limited has been an efficient long-term player in the aviation fuel supply market for several years. We distribute jet fuel and avgas 100LL throughout Ontario and into Quebec from our St. Marys, Franktown, and Sudbury depots. From municipal and private airports, to flying clubs and parachute clubs, to flight centres or private flyers, we’ve got it covered.

Quality control is paramount at Gra Ham. We deliver in bulk or in drums and take pride in serving a wide geographical area with dependable, on-time delivery. Give us a call to discuss your aviation fuel needs.

Products include:

  • 100 Low Lead Aviation Gasoline
  • Jet A-1 Fuel
  • Jet A-1 Fuel w/FSII (PRIST) [PRIST MSDS]
  • Jet B Fuel
  • Aviation Lubricants

To open an account, simply complete a customer profile and fax or email to our sales representative.


Southwestern Ontario

Ed Noulty, Aviation & Cardlock
Email: ed@goco.net
Phone: 519-521-6273


Steve McKale, Aviation Sales & Dispatch
Email: stevemckale@goco.net
Phone: 613-862-6824


Steve McMurray, Aviation Sales & Dispatch
Email: steve@goco.net
Phone: 705-688-8451